Do Angels exist?

How can I exist if I can't feel?

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*trying not to be an emotional sap again* XP
Sugar and Spice
[mood| so happy I could cry.
[music| T.V

I do have something to live for:

My friends.
Because there are some people besides my family who do give a damn about me, and care about me to help me. That makes me really happy just knowing that. ^_^ Thank you.
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Riku: "I'll tell you why... 'Cause I'm not a sap like you!"

XD; Sorry, it was too tempting! But it's OKAY to be a sap, sometimes :D *squishes* I LUFF YOU HUNNI <333

*whacks Riku upside the head, then cuddles him* WHAT'S WRONG WITH BEING A SAP????? XP

it is fun being a sap sometimes. *hugs her*

Hey. When does summer school start? And do you need a ride to summer school?? I'll call you later.

this monday. We'll talk about the ride thingy.

This is totally non-sequiter, but I was wondering who made your Edward Elric FMA moodtheme. It's really awesome.

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