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Things we have learned/been confirmed in KH II (so far)
Riku-don't let go
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[music| Utadta Hikaru-Passion]

These may contain spoilers!

1-Sora and computers don't mix.
2-Hormones have caught up with Sora.
3-Sora really misses Kairi(but he misses Riku more)
4-Riku doesn't believe in Santa Claus, Sora does.
5-Even blindfolded Riku can still kick ass(sorry Roxas)
6-Roxas and Axel have a thing going.
7-Sora's got mood swings
8-Even as a lion Sora can still kick ass (and look good too!)
9-Mickey has anger issues
10-Tifa shows her crazy stalker side. XP
11-Tifa has anger issues as well.
12-Organization XIII likes long hair.
13-Duel wielding keyblades rule all!
14-it'a a lot more fun to fight in this game.
15-The music kicks ass.
16-They should've left Passion as the theme song. (sorry, but don't really like Santucary)
17-Xaldin is the biggest pain in the ass ever!
18-I fail at lightcylce racing.
19-Sora gets confused easily
20-I spent WAY TOO much time playing this over the weekend.

To be continued, as I get farther.

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I agree with all of these. Axel/Roxas comm mod here lol thedancinglight for the friendship and romance even though right now we got a bunch of NR-17 stuff that scared me forever

By chance, how did you beat Xaldin at Beast's castle. *still stuck there*

Dumb luck, and you've gotta use the learn reaction command. It comes at very inpropirate times, like right when he's about to attack. The learn command teaches you how to jump so get some jumps (it'll say jump in place of attack)and it'll let you damage him pretty well, keep pressing x if you have more than one jump. Then just hit him with combos and run from his other attacks. (you're going to need a lot of potions/healing crap like that. I also had to go level up a bit, he's so hard. Good luck!

Thanks, I'll check the community out. ^_^

I agree about the Passion theme song. It should have stayed Passion and not translated and named Sanctuary.

I did like the english version of Simple and Clean though. I never had heard Hikari before.

I do like Utada Hikaru, but she could have atleast done a better job. =\

I love Utada Hikaru and Simple and Clean was excellent! (I love both the japanese and the english versions) but in's like she was trying too hard or something. They messed up my favoirte part, right where the jazzy little rift comes at the 2 miniute's all weird there, and the line"my heart's a battleground" sounds REALLY weird.

Same with me, after Simple and Clean (especially the remix version it's my absolute favorite) I got hooked on her. She's normally a very good singer, just didn't quite fit with Sanctuary.

yeah i totally agree... I wish they'd have made Sanctuary a bit better. Passion rocks, and the lyrics for Passion fit the game better. I kinda' like Sanctuary, but Passion's still better.

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