Do Angels exist?

How can I exist if I can't feel?

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Save me...
Riku-don't let go
[mood| bored]
[music| Patch Adams Movie Again

We aren't doing shit today or tomorrow, because tomorrow's the English TAKS. TAKS is a stupid standrized test you have to take in Texas to graduate. I'm not really worried about English, I do pretty decent in that subject. It's just so boring. All we're doing is watching movies today, and tomorrow after the TAKS our classes are only 18 freaking minutes long!!! Why the hell don't they just send us home? What in the hell are we going to do in 18 minutes????? I hate TAKS, it sucks. Report cards come out soon too, and I really don't want to see my grades, I did really bad this grading period. -_-'

Nothing new, elsewhere. I tried telling Matt how I felt but I chickened out....(it's pathetic I know) So I came up with a plan...hope it works. XP It's nothing bad, I'm just going to try to get together with him, and some of my other friends. I just wish I knew how he's driving me insane because he's very closed about his feelings, and *sighs*

I feel really stressed for some reason...and some girl next to me is eating whataburger and I'm hungry!!!!! And some guy two computers down from me is listening to music videos from Disney Channel Website. That shows how random my class is.

Oh, and new Riku layout made by the talented Suki. ^_^

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Haha, I forgot to change the header URL XD;

Here's the one you should have;


That would explain a lot....XP Thanks sweetie. ^_^

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